Mini Ventures | Hot Yoga – What was I thinking??
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11 Dec Hot Yoga – What was I thinking??

Today I decided to try a new Mini Venture. I jokingly said to my husband when I decided to start working at home that I was going to become addicted to yoga and Jeremy Kyle.  Now neither have ever featured very heavily in my life so far to date and I have to say Jeremy Kyle in unlikely but I thought it might be fun to try and become a little more zen, and try my hand at Yoga.

When I imagined Yoga, I imagined something quite calm and relaxed, I didn’t imagine a basement from which I would stagger up the stairs panting and wondering what on earth I got myself into!
The class was really really hard.  It was also really really hot. To be honest I’m not sure it was misdescribed as it was described at Hot Power Yoga – you live and learn…
I do however on balance think I liked it.  I usually run when I find an hour for exercise but this morning saw a monsoon of epic proportions so I thought why not join my running mate at her favourite yoga class.
There will be no photos of me in yoga poses. I will leave that to those that can, however I might from time to time up date you or whether I have become a little more zen, or whether my leg really can bend in that particular way, which it currently really really cannot!
  • Barjerow
    Posted at 17:29h, 11 December Reply

    Well, that’s certainly different!!

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