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30 Jan War and Peace Challenge

So I can’t be the only one loving War and Peace on a Sunday night. Apart from the beautiful people in it, the story gives more back than Downton Abbey (sorry if you loved that!) but then really it should.  The TV series based on the epic novel by Tolstoy is widely regarded as one of the longest novels ever written but one of the best.

We have at least three copies of it in our house, it has been bought for me (and I think I have bought it too) but I have never ever read it.  I have tried, really I have, but never got past the first twenty pages or so, but this according to Philip Hensher in the Guardian is where I am going wrong.  In an article in the paper last Saturday (which my Mother in Law cut out and sent us) Hensher writes “Many people find the first 100 pages dauntingly full of characters, and only then does it seem to smooth out and become lucid”

He goes on to say “You’ll read War and Peace in 10 Days Maximum”.

So there you have it, the challenge.  You will read War and Peace in 10 Days Maximum….  So now I need to decide.   Do I stop watching and read the book?  Will I spoil the book if I watch much more? The TV series will inevitably be a fraction of the gift the book could be if I make the time to read it, but will I? Given Hensher isn’t a Mother of 3 young girls, a blogger who is never away from social media and someone who has quite a lot of sleep to catch up on, I’m not sure his statement will be true for me, but I love a good challenge….

I’ll let you know.  Would you stop watching?


  • Barjerow
    Posted at 09:22h, 30 January Reply

    No, I won’t stop watching, and I won’t even attempt the book as it would probably take me 10 years to read!!

  • Sarah Christie
    Posted at 21:30h, 30 January Reply

    It takes me so long to read the book, but omg i think it is one of the best things I have ever seen on tv x

  • Heledd - Running in Lavender
    Posted at 09:09h, 31 January Reply

    I’ve never read War & Peace either but must admit that I’m really enjoying the BBC series. To be honest I found all the characters confusing in the first episode, so I think the book would be too much for me (and I’m not sure I could ready any book in ten days at the moment). Last week’s episode took a big love twist that I wasn’t expecting. I’m now looking forward to seeing what happens tonight! #SundayStars xxx

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